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Kotzebue Sound Wild

Explore the Natural Wonders around Kotzebue, ALASKA

Come experience the beauty of the Arctic!

Do you revel in wide open vistas and fresh sea breezes experienced from a boat plying clean Arctic waters? Love the feel of the springy tundra and its summer scent of Labrador tea? Maybe you’re the type who loves to sit around a campfire sharing stories or staring into the flickers of the original “camper’s TV.”

All these experiences are available through Kotzebue Sound Wild, in a little-visited corner of Arctic Alaska. Alternately, if you’re craving a quiet few days in a sunlit cabin to enjoy a good book, sketch the scenery, or take a break from the hubbub of modern life, we’ve got that too!

The goal of our company is to get folks out into the Arctic during the ever-so-brief summer months to enjoy the quiet beauty of it all. Our operations are based out of Kotzebue, Alaska, which has daily jet service from Anchorage as well as lodging, groceries, and restaurants. Get in touch to let us know what you’d like to experience and let us set up a trip that will make lasting memories.

Kotzebue Sound Wild

The heart of Alaska's Northwest Arctic, Kotzebue Sound and its connecting waterways offer a great variety of terrain including open tundra, tree-lined rivers, rocky coastal headlands, and broad gravel beaches. Kotzebue Sound Wild can take you there safely and share the joys of this beautiful, wild country in a travel itinerary of your choosing. If you're ready to break away from the crowds and travel off the beaten track, here you will find plenty of activities, a hearty welcome, and a piece of authentic Alaska.

Protected areas in and around Kotzebue Sound include Cape Krusenstern National Monument, Noatak National Preserve, and Chamisso Island Wilderness Area. These public lands were created to protect the pristine wildlife habitat, archaeological and cultural riches, and recreational values of the region.

A Little "Slice" of the Arctic!

The areas surrounding Kotzebue do not get a high amount of visitor traffic, but the lands and waters are used frequently by local people for hunting, fishing, gathering, and recreation. Most local residents are Iñupiat, the indigenous inhabitants of Alaska’s Arctic, with outdoor traditions going back countless generations.

The opportunity to observe and understand this on-going way of life is another wonderful aspect of Kotzebue Sound.

Things To Do

Cabin Packages

Our cozy log cabin is located on a quiet, pretty creek outside of Kotzebue. Cabin is rustic and charming and sleeps up to four people. Cabin stays can be booked alone or in combination with other outdoor activities we offer. Day trips and multi-day trips are available.


Pursue northern pike, salmon, arctic grayling, and sheefish on half-day or full-day fishing excursions. Best for groups of 4 or fewer.


Our custom boat tours and charters are licensed and insured, and offer a great way to explore Kotzebue Sound whether you’re looking for marine, coastal, or river access. Available for parties of up to 6 passengers for two-hour up to day-long outings.

Noatak River Pick ups

With its long summer days and a variety of waterways, Kotzebue can be an inspiring place to learn how to safely operate a boat or advance your boating skills. Lessons will take place in my 23’ boat with a 115 hp outboard. More.

Logistical Support for Research and Transporting Materials

Whether it’s supporting your science/research project, or moving equipment and materials to a remote site, please give me a call, and if I can do the work for you, I would enjoy doing so!


“The day trip out to Cinnamon Girl Cabin was recommended by a colleague at work, and I'm so glad I decided to plan a trip since I had such a wonderful time! Doug was so friendly and easy to work with. The cabin itself is gorgeous, possibly the cutest little place I've ever seen.”

“Doug was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and hospitable. He picked us up in his boat right outside our Airbnb. He brought gorp, fresh cherries, and delicious smoked salmon for our picnic. Thanks, Doug - we appreciate your kindness!”

“The custom-made wooden boat is beautiful and comfortable. Captain Doug Neal is helpful, skillful and very knowledgeable about the Arctic region. It was well worth it to take the time and make the effort to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic region with Kotzebue Sound Wild.”